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Lucky & The StarDevils
Press Kit

Produced on
May 31st, 2023

Real Gone Rockabilly
Cincinnati, Ohio


The StarDevils; forming in 2000; are regarded as one of the most entertaining and exciting bands in traditional Rockabilly. Their savage Rockin' and Hillbilly boppin' sounds have received 5 star reviews from Black Cat Rockabilly and Rockabilly Hall of Fame (to name a few). Being compared to the best on the scene today the bands live shows and CD's are a must for any fan of traditional original Rockabilly. “ It’s Damn Good Rock-n-Roll”! states Wayne “The Train” Hancock saying the StarDevils are one of his favorite bands today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The StarDevils are widely known for their strong musical talent with charismatic vocal stylings, superb guitar, upright bass and drums. The ability to write a catchy tune and outstanding live show are only two of the many ingredients in a Rockin’ formula sure to set your feet a-tappin'.Taking their cues from the pioneers of those early rockin' hillbilly beats, they have an uncanny ability to infuse and perform the sounds of yesterday with their own original style. While also delivering stunning renditions of the original 50’s Rockabilly and Rock-n-Roll tunes with a rare passion that sets them apart from the rest. The StarDevils have marveled crowds at home here in the U.S. and abroad with their "breath taking" Stage performances at Viva East, Winter Sun Australia, Kanpai Okinawa Weekend in Japan, Hemsby Rockabilly Weekend in England, The Greenbay Wisconsin Rockin 50's Fest, VIVA LAS VEGAS Rockabilly Weekend, Indy Rockabilly Rebel and Road Rockets Rumble weekend, Road Agents Rumble as well as the Detroit Motor City Spin-Out. Whether performing as a trio or quartet if you get a chance to catch these fellas on tour.

 LANCE KAUFMAN: Lead Vocals, Acoustic guitar

 FRANK TURNER: Upright Bass

 JON MCGEE: Lead Guitar




Audio Tracks

Bang Wallop Wham

Lucky Lance & The StarDevils

I Wanna Jump

Lucky Lance & The StarDevils

Some Kind Of Cool

Lucky Lance & The StarDevils

Get Gone

Lucky Lance & The StarDevils


Lucky Lance & The StarDevils


Lucky Lance & The StarDevils

Red Hot Ridinghood

Lucky Lance & The StarDevils

Rockabilly Silly

Lucky Lance & The StarDevils

Countin' Sheep

Lucky Lance & The StarDevils

$6 Trim

Lucky Lance & The StarDevils


Testimonials & Press

"The musicianship is excellent. Frank Turner provides a solid backbone on the slap bass and perfectly fullfill the bass and percussions duties (think Kevin Smith) and Jim Ohlschmidt plays superb guitar licks (and most of all they don’t sound like you’ve heard them hundreds of tiumes before). Lance Kaufman is an accomplished singer too, knowing when to hiccup (and when not) and adding some yodel to spice things up".

- Fred “Virgil” Turgis
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"This is a cracking album and a great addition to the Star Devils Catalogue". "Highly recommended to all you Rockabillies and Rockabellas out there".

- AJ\'s Rockin\" Music Reviews @ Slap That Bass Rockabilly
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"Chief among this confidently aggressive quartet's attributes is unfeigned affinity with the common-man music they so deftly dispatch. That's a fancy way of saying they feel what they play".

- DC Larson
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The Star Devils stay true to the tradition, songs about red heads and just good old fashioned vocals a little Buddy Holly a little Roy Orbison. The Star Devils are a good time and if you are looking for some tunes to stomp along to, give a listen…

- Scott
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"Lot's of hiccup and smokin' guitar! An all around rockin' good time, "The Devils Music" is sure to make even the tamest of people get a little bad"

- Matt Fink Planet Rockabilly Detroit